2 Pac Spray Painting

Domestic cabinet making is a craft that Fine Design Furniture has over 30 years of experience in.

2 Pac Spray Painting

If you want to install a new kitchen or give your existing kitchen a face-lift, Fine Design Furniture can help with our comprehensive 2 pac spray painting service. We can also prep and spray any ageing furniture pieces around the home or make custom furniture with an immaculate 2 pac finish.

Fine Design Furniture has the experience to offer a safe and professional 2 pac spray painting service. Whether we are required to match an existing cabinetry colour for a respray project, or our client opts for a complete makeover, we are Brisbane’s best 2 pac spray painting service.

A beautiful custom made designer kitchen

What is 2 pac spray painting?

2 pac paint combines two liquids, a resin made of acrylic paint and melamine and a polyisocyanate resin. The solvent in the acrylic/melamine resin allows the paint to be applied by spray equipment, while the polyisocyanate hardens the paint after the solvents have evaporated.

2 pac spray paint comes in clear coat or solid colour finishes and is more durable than other coating methods. The tough paint coating makes 2 pac an excellent choice for cabinetry and furniture in any residential or commercial setting.

Don’t take any risks and use a professional service

Using 2 pack spray paint can be challenging, and if it is done by an inexperienced person, poor finishing results and safety issues could arise. Fine Design Furniture can perform 2 pac spray painting professionally and safely in our workshop and onsite.

2 pac spray painting should be done in a dust-free and temperature-controlled environment to ensure the best finishing outcome. The 2 pac hardener contains isocyanate, a toxic chemical; therefore, the correct breathing devices and personal protective equipment must be worn, and good ventilation is crucial.

So don’t take any risk with your 2 pac spray painting and let the experts at Fine Design Furniture produce quality results in a safe environment.

A modern custom made kitchen with white tiles and cabinetry
custom made kitchen cabinets

Commercial and residential expertise

Fine Design Furniture takes great pride in the 2 pac spray painting results we provide our Brisbane clients, and we stay in touch with all the latest trends and innovations to ensure we offer the best service. Whether residential cabinet-making or commercial fit-outs, we have the expertise and equipment to complete jobs of any size efficiently and effectively.

2 pac spray painting can transform the vibe of any building with new kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and laundries being reinvigorated to look like new. Fine Design Furniture produces the highest quality 2 pac spray painting finishes from doors and cupboards to joinery and furniture in residential and commercial environments.

A professional 2 pac spray painting service

Fine Design Furniture offers free no-obligation quotes and competitive prices as we strive to accommodate our client’s needs with a friendly and professional 2 pac spray painting service. We work closely with our clients to produce the optimum results with minimal impact on their daily lives.

Contact the Fine Design Furniture team to discuss your 2 pac spray painting needs.

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