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Domestic cabinet making is a craft that Fine Design Furniture has over 30 years of experience in.
A beautiful custom made designer kitchen

Fine Design Furniture Know Brisbane Kitchens

Fine Design Furniture believes the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we strive to give our Brisbane clients their dream kitchen to help improve everyday life. Whether we undertake complete kitchen renovations or perform kitchen cabinet upgrades, Fine Design Furniture delivers the best kitchens in Brisbane. Our kitchens are well organised, have ample storage and are designed to the client’s style of choice. 

In modern times, a kitchen is more than just a place to cook. A kitchen is now an inclusive place to eat with the family, entertain guests and have a coffee with a friend. It needs to be functional yet stylish, modern yet comfortable, welcoming yet durable, all of which Fine Design Furniture ensures in all our kitchen projects.

The Benefits of a Fine Design Furniture customised kitchen:
• Incorporates generous and innovative storage space
• Creates a unique design for your dream kitchen
• Transforms a kitchen into an inviting space
• Combines practicality and beauty seamlessly
• Ensures a fully functional space to enjoy
• Uses high-quality timber and materials
• Performs immaculate joinery work

Helping Brisbane clients to choose the perfect kitchen style

If you are unsure what look you want for your kitchen, don’t panic, as Fine Design Furniture is here to help. We recognise that it is a big decision to make, and with many styles to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. Especially when you also need to consider the existing home decors and think about integrating your new kitchen style.

Fine Design Furniture carry out onsite quotations where we can see the kitchen space first hand and discuss kitchen design options with our Brisbane client. We advise the advantages and disadvantages of certain looks and suggest the most suitable style for their dream kitchen.

Once our client is 100% satisfied, we can go to work, designing, building and installing the perfect kitchen style to suit their home for many years to come.
A modern custom made kitchen with white tiles and cabinetry

Custom kitchen cabinets for optimum space

As kitchen space is precious, Fine Design Furniture do all we can to design, build and install the perfect kitchen cabinets for each individual home. We believe custom kitchen cabinets provide optimum space and produce a more functional and accessible kitchen for our clients to use.

Whether the customised cabinets are designed to store bulky pots and pans, specialised appliances, utensils and cutlery, or the faithful Tupperware clutter, Fine Design Furniture will create a cabinet space to suit. We consider the shape, size and frequency of cabinet use and customise a cabinet to fit and function perfectly.

Our customised kitchen cabinets come in an endless range of options and styles for our clients to choose from, with our expert advice on hand if needed.

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Fine Design Furniture looks forward to hearing about your exciting project for which we no doubt have the solutions.

Whether it is a bespoke furniture piece, a customised kitchen, a commercial fit-out or the many other wonderful services we can provide, Fine Design Furniture is the Brisbane company for you. Contact the friendly team at Fine Design Furniture today to discuss any queries you may have and to schedule a free no-obligation onsite quote.

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