French Polishing

Domestic cabinet making is a craft that Fine Design Furniture has over 30 years of experience in.

French Polishing

Are you looking for designer furniture with a quality French Polish finish? Or maybe you need to refurbish an antique piece? Fine Design Furniture offers a complete French polishing service across Brisbane.

French Polishing is an exceptional way to finish timber with its beautiful appearance, perfect for furniture and Brisbane cabinetry. Traditionally, French polishing is applied to antique furniture; however, in recent times, the process is being also used in contemporary pieces. 

Repairing timber with a french polish finish is more manageable than other varnish application methods as it is easier to blend with the existing finish. The time-consuming job takes great patience and skill to produce stunning results, which the team at Fine Design Furniture deliver time and time again. 

The Fine Design Furniture French polishing service:
• Washing polished surfaces
• Repolishing antique furniture
• Hand stripping and sanding
• Repolishing kitchen benchtops
• Touching up surfaces
• Minor repairs
One of the oldest timber finishing techniques
The French polishing process has been practised since the late 19th century, while its shellac ingredient is said to have been used as timber protection for thousands of years. In the 20th century, the French polishing popularity grew, and the trending timber finish appeal was desirable worldwide.

The secret to a high-quality French polished timber is the shellac applied to the timber surface, creating an appealing gloss finish. Shellac is a non-toxic sealer that can be mixed to create a wide range of colours and tones.

It is one of the oldest timber finishing techniques and, up to date, is still delivering astounding results in the Fine Design Furniture workshop. We perform various French polishing services to our Brisbane customers, and we work with you to ensure the optimum furniture finish in the most cost-effective way.

The French polishing resurgence

French polishing lost its appeal when modern finishes arrived as the new varnishes were more durable and offered quicker application. Many would choose the more straightforward application over French polishing, with the art slowly disappearing with less demand. 

However, there has been a resurgence of late as French polishing is getting brand-new recognition as the best timber finish. Unlike modern varnish applications, French Polishing is not as intense and complements the timber rather than covering it.

Fine Design Furniture uses the French polishing process for newly designed and restorations projects. Whether we perform our work in our fully equipped workshop or onsite, our results are first-class every time.

Examples where French polishing can be used:
• Table
• Desks
• Chairs
• Bookcases
• Doors
• Staircases
• Timber interiors

A professional French polishing service

Using a professional French polishing service is vital for a superior and stunning timber finish. Fine Design Furniture offers Brisbane the best French Polishing service, from bespoke and antique furniture to residential and commercial interiors.

No matter the project size, we will ensure your timber has a mirror-like finish to create beautiful features in any residential or commercial setting. Contact Fine Design Furniture today for a free no-obligation French polishing quote, and let us produce the best timber finish in Brisbane.

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