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Domestic cabinet making is a craft that Fine Design Furniture has over 30 years of experience in.

Furniture of any style, size and shape

The exciting thing about making furniture is that every piece is different. Fine Design Furniture not only has the competence and experience to design and make furniture of any style, size and shape, but we thrive on it. 

Fine Design Furniture is passionate about turning our client’s concepts into reality by creating custom furniture pieces to match their ideas. Equally, we love the freedom to design and build furniture to fit a particular space or complement a specific setting on behalf of our client. 

Whether it’s a dining room table, a hallway console, a set of designer chairs, a bed frame or any other furniture that you desire, Fine Design Furniture will deliver incredible results every time.

custom made kitchen cabinets

Building furniture with quality and diverse materials

To build good furniture, you need to have quality materials, and Fine Design Furniture ensures all materials we use are of the highest quality. The various timbers we use are all from reputable suppliers as we select the best variety to complement the furniture being made.

Although we are passionate and specialise in timber, we also have the experience to work with a diverse range of materials. Our varied skill set opens up greater furniture possibilities and allows us to deliver furniture that is more suitable for a wide range of home decors, furniture styles and client budgets.

Whether it be stone, metal, glass or steel, or any other workable material, Fine Design Furniture can incorporate it into our design to help us produce the optimum furniture piece for our Brisbane client.

The variety of timber we use:
• Tasmanian oak
• Blackwood
• Blackbutt
• Beechwood
• Jarrah
• American oak

Contact Fine Design Furniture for Brisbane’s best furniture

Are you looking for a professional Brisbane company to design and build your custom furniture? Look no further than Fine Design Furniture, the best in Brisbane. Our furniture is made by experienced furniture makers using quality materials from reputable suppliers to deliver flawless furniture every time. Contact Fine Design Furniture for a free furniture consultation and no-obligation quote.

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